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    Protection against what??? I thought Altiris was a management suite, not a security product.

    You are absolutely correct in your statement. Altiris indeed is a product capable to manage endpoints, regardless of their hard-and software state.

    Ever heard of the sentence: a well-managed endpoint is a well-protected endpoint?

    When I state “well-managed” in this blog, I mean patch management.

    The Symantec Client and Server Management Suites include the awesome Patch Management Solution

    This patch engine does not only includes the possibility to patch Windows, MacOS and Linux/Unix, but is also capable to connect to more than 50 different software vendor repositories to get the newest patches/version upgrades without any hassle.

    All this is done without third-party solutions or any other tricks that we “forgot to mention” ;-). It’s natively Symantec!

    Image preview

    Now then, let’s relate Patch Management with protection against zero-day attacks.

    In “the good old days” a virus attack meant that a company was hit by a virus.

    The virus attack was usually hard, quick and really visible to everyone and everything the virus touched on its “path to destruction”.

    These days however, such a virus attack is only responsible for circa 20% of the threat landscape.

    Various different types of malware have found their way into our community – personal and company based.

    We now have malware, spyware, ransom ware and – sadly enough – much more.

    Image preview

    An attack by – for example – a spyware, is not devastating to the company’s assets, but is created to work “in ninja mode” and extract as much data as possible out of the company.

    If an attacker wants to get into your organization and plant a malware, this too has to be done in stealth mode to prevent getting detected

    One of the favourite ways to infiltrate organisations, is through so-called “security holes” in software like Adobe’s Flash.

    Adobe – like many other software vendors – constantly searches for these holes in its software applications and closes these gaps through new versions or updates.

    In other words: If you are not able to constantly patch your third-party applications asap, the chances are you will be attacked in the near future, or worse, it’s already happening!

    So, now we know that the Patch Management solution is vital a part of your security solutions.

    Image preview

    The last challenge now arises:

    We don’t want to spend any time (or at least as little as possible) in patching software and keeping our managed environment up-to-date.

    Did you know that, when you bought the Altiris Client and/or Server Management Suite, you are entitled to use the Symantec Workflow Solution without any extra costs?

    This Symantec product is actually a UWL (drawing product), but one that does not only shows graphic, but actually does the things you have drawn into it.

    Image preview

    Combine the Patch Management Solution with the Symantec Workflow Solution and you are capable

     automating the software/OS patching to your company needs and policies!

    Conclusion: Where the Symantec Patch Management Solution is a cross-platform versatile product, combined with the Symantec Workflow Solution, you company is best protected against zero-day threats

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    今月は、49 件の脆弱性を対象として 12 個のセキュリティ情報がリリースされています。 このうち 26 件が「緊急」レベルです。


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    Twitter カードのスタイル: 

    Welcome to the October edition of the Symantec Intelligence report. Symantec Intelligence aims to provide the latest analysis of cyber security threats, trends, and insights concerning malware, spam, and other potentially harmful business risks.

    The number of vulnerabilities disclosed increased in October, from 349 in September to 441 reported during this month. However, vulnerability disclosures have trended lower over the last three months when comparing the last year’s worth of monthly disclosures.

    The number of new malware variants also appears to be lower than what has been seen over the last 12 month period. There were 21.7 million new pieces of malware created in October, which is down from the high for 2015 of 57.6 million seen back in June.

    However, not everything is trending downward. Crypto-ransomware was up once again during October, setting another high for 2015, with 44 thousand instances seen during the month.

    Spam also appears to have been increasing slightly over the last few months, reaching a six-month high of 53.5 percent. Spam rates appeared to have bottomed out during June, which saw the lowest spam levels seen in over a decade, but have increased slightly since.

    In terms of targeted attacks, the Finance, Insurance, & Real Estate sector was the most targeted sector during October, comprising 69 percent of all targeted attacks. Large enterprises were the target of 67.9 percent of spear-phishing attacks as well, up from 45.7 percent in September.

    We hope you enjoy the October Symantec Intelligence Report. You can download your copy here.

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    December 8, 2015 (9:00am PST / 12:00pm EST)
    Twitter カードのスタイル: 
    Informative Live Demo Webinar: Tuesday, December 8, 2015 (9:00am PST / 12:00pm EST)
    Speakers: Piero DePaoli, Sr. Director, Global Product Marketing Enterprise Security at Symantec
                      Morgan Wright LLC, National Media Analyst, Center for Digital Government.
    What you will Learn:
    Did you know advanced attackers targeted 5 out of 6 large companies in 2014?
    That's a 40% increase over the year before.  With this increase in the scale of attacks, security professionals like you can no longer rely on individual point products at each control point to stop them.
    Let us help you with our new Advanced Threat Protection solution.
    Join our webcast and you will learn how Symantec's Advanced Threat Protection solution is the first solution that can:
    • Uncover a full range of threats - from persistent threats to zero-day attacks-across your endpoints, network, and email
    • Prioritize what matters most by correlating local intelligence with everything Symantec sess through its massive global telemetry
    • Remediate threats quickly from a single console, all without deploying new endpoint agents
    • Leverage existing agents, which means there is no need to deploy agents on top of Symantec Endpoint Protection or Symantec Email
    • Symantec Cynic™ and Symantec Synapse™
    • Advanced Threat Protection Product Demo
    • Security Best Practices
    We hope you can make this informative webinar December 8, 2015

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  • 11/11/15--10:20: Monitoring Shadow IT
  • Technology Trends and News from Symantec’s CIO Sheila Jordan

    How do IT professionals deal with shadow IT within their organization?

    In this recently filmed video, Symantec CIO Sheila Jordan shares her insights with internationally known cybersecurity expert Morgan Wright on monitoring shadow IT; changing employee expectations towards the technology that surrounds them; protecting data in motion; and offers advice to IT decision makers.

    This is the latest installment of the Technology Trends and News from Symantec’s CIO Sheila Jordan video interview series.

    Understanding Shadow IT

    Shadow IT, also known as stealth IT, is defined as IT systems and solutions built and used inside organizations without explicit organizational approval. It’s also used to describe solutions specified and deployed by departments other than the IT department.

    Jordan urges IT decision makers to first understand what’s influencing their employees to turn to these solutions.

    “I've got to understand what our engineering organization is doing, if they're looking for a service or an application that I haven't been providing,” says Jordan. “I need to figure out what it is and offer that service to them.”

    Facing Shadow IT

    Morgan Wright comments that with this “explosion of information, devices and applications,” employees are using “rogue apps” without the IT team’s knowledge and creating challenges for visibility. Wright also notes that this trend is often seen among the new generation of younger employees.

    “As employees come in to work, they want that same consumer experience they're getting on their smartphone today. And they're expecting IT to deliver that service while we're protecting the most important asset of the company, which is our data,” explains Jordan.

    She explains that IT organizations need to “amp up and increase the work they’re doing for information protection.” In other words, they need to be protecting that data in motion and wherever it ultimately resides.

    Handling Shadow IT

    Jordan offers the following recommendations for managing shadow IT:

    1. Understand it’s happening within your organization.
    2. Get your arms around it. Use the data and analytics to see what’s in your environment.
    3. Make a decision on one or two solutions.

    Eliminate the rest.

    Rather than just saying “no” to all rogue applications, IT organizations need to enable and encourage this creative approach to work in such a way that does not leave the organization vulnerable.

    Wright comments that there’s a “blurring of the lines between work and personal apps” as well as cloud solutions and all other devices that “complicate not only the data management, but the security solutions too.”

    For Jordan, it’s the data that needs to be protected, “whether it’s on a smartphone or it’s going to be on a future IoT [Internet of Things] device.” Data is in motion between various devices and solutions—leaving the traditional on-premises firewalls.

    “We have to make sure that our processes are in place,” advises Jordan. “It’s really about protecting that information and data even if it’s not housed inside the enterprise.”

    Be sure to watch the entire video for more insights!


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    「シマンテック CIO Sheila Jordan が送るテクノロジのトレンドとニュース」より

    IT のプロフェッショナルは、それぞれの組織でシャドー IT にどう対処しているのでしょうか。

    先日撮影されたこの動画は、シマンテックの CIO Sheila Jordan と、世界的に著名なサイバーセキュリティのエキスパート Morgan Wright 氏との対談です。シャドー IT をどう監視するか、社内のテクノロジに対する従業員の期待をどのように変えていくのか、移動中のデータをいかにして保護するかなどについて考察し、IT をめぐる意思決定者に向けた助言を述べています。

    これは、「Technology Trends and News from Symantec CIO Sheila Jordan(シマンテック CIO Sheila Jordan が送るテクノロジのトレンドとニュース)」と題してお届けしているインタビュー動画シリーズの最新の回です。

    シャドー IT を理解する

    シャドー IT(またはステルス IT)とは、「会社から明示的な承認を受けずに社内で構築・利用される IT のシステムやソリューション」のことです。IT 部門以外の部署が指定し配備したソリューションを指す場合もあります。

    Jordan が IT に関する意思決定者に進言しているのは、第一に、従業員がシャドー IT を使いたくなる理由を把握することです。


    シャドー IT に立ち向かう

    Morgan Wright 氏はこうコメントしています。「情報も、デバイスやアプリケーションも爆発的に増えている」ために、従業員は IT 部門が知らないうちに「不正アプリ」を利用するようになり、可視化を妨げている、と。また、この傾向は新しい世代の若い従業員のあいだで特によく見られるとも Wright 氏は指摘しています。

    「新しく入ってくる社員は、自分のスマートフォンでできるのと同じ操作性を求めるんです。彼らは、そういうサービスを IT 部門に期待しています。こちらは会社の最も重要な資産、つまりデータを保護しようとしているのに、です」と、Jordan。

    IT 部門に必要なのは、「情報を保護するために彼らがする仕事を増やすことです」と Jordan は説明します。言い換えれば、移動中だろうと、最終的にどこに保管されようと、彼らがデータを保護しなければならないということです。

    シャドー IT に対処する

    Jordan は、シャドー IT を管理するために次のように提言しています。

    1. 社内にシャドー IT が存在することを理解する。
    2. シャドー IT を抱え込む。データと解析に基づいて、社内の環境にあるものを調べる。
    3. 1 つか 2 つのソリューションについて決定を下す。



    「アプリケーションには、業務用と個人用という境界線があいまいな部分があり」、その点はクラウドソリューションでもどんなデバイスでも同じである。だから、「データ管理だけではなく、セキュリティソリューションも複雑になっている」、Wright はそうコメントしています。

    Jordan の立場から見ると、保護しなければならないのはデータであり、「スマートフォン上のデータでも、これから訪れるモノのインターネット上のデータでもそれは変わりません」。データは、これまでのようにオンプレミスのファイアウォール内部にとどまることなく、さまざまなデバイスやソリューションの間を移動しています。

    「私たちは、会社のプロセスが正しく機能していることを保証する必要があります。重要なのは、企業内にとどまらないそうした情報やデータを保護することです」、と Jordan は助言しています。




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    ライブデモで学ぶオンラインセミナー: 12 月 8 日火曜日(太平洋標準時午前 9:00/東部標準時午後 12:00/日本時間 12 月 9 日午前 5:00)
    シマンテック、グローバルプロダクトマーケティングエンタープライズ、シニアディレクター、Piero DePaoli
    デジタル政府センター、全国メディアアナリスト、Morgan Wright LLC
    2014 年には、6 社のうち 5 社(83% 以上)という割合で大企業が高度な攻撃の標的になったのをご存じでしょうか。
    これは、前年比で 40% もの増加ということになります。攻撃の規模がここまで大きくなってくると、みなさんのようなセキュリティの専門家でも、個々の管理ポイントに配備した単独の製品だけでは防ぎきれなくなってきます。
    シマンテックの新しいソリューション Advanced Threat Protection が、そんなみなさんをお手伝いします。
    シマンテックのオンラインセミナーに参加すれば、以下の機能を備えた初のソリューション Advanced Threat Protection についてご覧いただけます。
    • 検出:持続的な標的型攻撃からゼロデイ攻撃まで、各エンドポイント、ネットワーク、メールを対象に、あらゆる範囲の脅威を検出します。
    • 優先度を決定:シマンテックが膨大なグローバル遠隔測定を通じて把握している情報と個々の情報との相関関係をとらえて、最も重要なものから優先度を決定します。
    • 修正: 1 つのコンソールから迅速に脅威を修正します。新しいエンドポイントエージェントの配備はいっさい不要です。
    • 有効活用:既存のエージェントを有効に活用します。つまり、Symantec Endpoint Protection や Symantec Email のほかにエージェントを配備する必要はありません。
    • Symantec Cynic™ と Symantec Synapse™ について
    • Advanced Threat Protection 製品のデモ
    • セキュリティに関するベストプラクティス
    2015 年 12 月 8 日に、オンラインセミナーでお会いしましょう。

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    A colleague of mine spotted this quite brilliant list of articles relating to Enterprise Vault Product Documentation:

    Enterprise Vault Product Documentation

    Finding documentation amongst multiple versions can be quite handy if you're trying to find out when a new feature was implemented. Or if you're trying to find out when a particular feature changed. Take for example things around the shortcut-processing actions which changed a few versions ago in Enterprise Vault. There are lots of other changes over time.  The article links back to documentation as far as Enterprise Vault 8, which is kind of as far as you'd want to go, right? :)

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    Symantec received the ICARUSOutstanding Achievement Award from the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), the world’s premier business travel and corporate meetings organization. The Professional Team Award was presented to Symantec and MCI for the collaborative sustainability work on the Symantec Vision EMEA 2014 user conference. ICARUS aims to recognize companies and industry professionals who can demonstrate leadership, innovation, creativity and a serious commitment to developing sustainable programs, products or services. The ICARUS project has grown to be one of the most widely known Corporate Sustainability program within the global business travel and meeting industry.

    The submission was supported by:

    • Industry leading metrics and targets which measure the impact of the programs and the return on investment
    • Best in class communications programs
    • Evidence of activities to further the Project ICARUS goals for sustainability across the 3 key areas of environment, social and economic aspects of programs

    Symantec demonstrated how to align its global Corporate Responsibility commitment with its events strategy and operations. For Symantec Vision EMEA 2014 conference, a series of two consecutive events (Vision Symposium EMEA and Partner Insight Day) that were held in four different cities - Dubai, Munich, Paris and London, we achieved a number of impressive results, including:

    • €25,000 saved through sustainability initiatives alone.
    • 100% of key supplier contracts included sustainability.
    • 88% reduction in waste, 89% waste diversion rate and 67% reduction in CO2 emissions
    • 19,228 trees pledged to be planted and 43 children trained as Climate Justice Ambassadors.
    • Increased participant awareness of Symantec’s Corporate Responsibility programme by 49%.

    The award was presented on November 10th at the GBTA Annual European Conference Gala Awards Ceremony in Wiesbaden, Germany.

    This award is the second on this year after winning the IMEX GMIC Green Meeting Award, and a clear endorsement of our work by integrating sustainability concepts strategically into Symantec corporate event experiences. Other brands who have successfully integrated event sustainability programs are Oracle, Microsoft and Intel among others. “Sustainability is about commitment, collaboration, sharing of best practices, catalyzing action and creating long-term impact. Looking through the sustainability ‘lens’ when designing an event leads to new ideas that drive innovation, enhances customer experience and generates operational efficiencies,” said Claudia van’t Hullenaar, Global Corporate Events, EMEA and sustainability champion.  

    Van’t Hullenaar adds: “In a changing world where transparency is the drive to connect the dots between brands and their positive or negative environmental and social impacts, I strongly believe that brands also drive change and demonstrate thought leadership through responsible business models.”

    If you are interested in learning more about how event marketing experiences and sustainability work together, you can find out here: – The Sustainability Spotlight: Integrating Corporate Responsibility into Marketing


    Bernard Harrop, Head of Sustainability, Project ICARUS, GBTA Foundation, Guy Bigwood, MCI Group Sustainability Director, Nikki Rogan, Global Travel Manager, Symantec


    Guy Bigwood, MCI Group Sustainability Director, Nikki Foster, Travel, Meetings & Events Category Partner

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    The following document lists the dataflow between the components of Ghost Solution Suite 3.0 for some of the most commonly used tasks.

    Architecture and components of GSS 3.0:

    The following diagram displays the various components and services of Ghost Solution Suite 3.0:

    Ghost Solution Suite Share or eXpress share

    The eXpress share is used to store images, packages and program files. This folder (file server path) must be accessible from all Ghost Solution Suite agents.

    Ghost Solution Suite Server

    The Ghost Solution Suite Server is the central component of a GSS system and manages the GSS Database, the communication between the different components, and schedules jobs to run on managed computers.

    Ghost Solution Suite Database

    The GSS Database provides the back-end data store that stores details about the computers, groups, and jobs of the Ghost Solution Suite. Most of the times, you don’t have the need to interact directly with the database. For the SQL Server Instance, use default port number 1433 which is required to communicate over a firewall.

    Ghost Solution Suite Agent

    This agent runs on the managed computers to report inventory, run software and scripts, perform power control, and boot the computer into automation. A Remote Agent Installer quickly installs the agent on multiple Windows computers. Linux computers can install the agent using startup scripts and other automated processes. The agent connects to all the GSS Servers using the port 402.

    PXE server

    Automation is the preboot environment loaded by GSS Server to perform tasks which need to happen outside of the normal operating system. If you have ever used a disk imaging utility, or booted a computer using an installation CD, you are probably familiar with running computers in a similar environment. GSS provides several tools to boot computers to this environment and supports several automation operating systems.

    A DHCP server is required for network and PXE server to work properly.

    Remote Agent Installation:

    Before you start with any other configuration and tasks, to manage the client computers you must first install an agent on the client computers that are present in the network.

    Creating a PXE Boot image:

    PXE boot image is the preboot image that is used to boot a client computer in automation environment over the network.

    PXE manager:

    PXE Manager is a service that synchronizes Ghost Solution Suite Server and all PXE Servers that are installed and configured across the network. It keeps track of all PXE Server boot menu options and checks if they are shared or local. PXE Manager also gathers data from all PXE Servers and stores the information in the PXE Manager.ini file. PXE Manager creates and distributes the appropriate PXE.ini file for each PXE Server on the network.

    Running a task on a client computer that is booted in production environment:

    You can run a task such as modifying configuring of a client computer. The following diagram depicts the flow of data when a task is scheduled for a client computer that is booted in production environment:

    Creating and installing an automation folder configuration:

    An automation folder is a package that contains the Preboot configuration files and drivers that are required to boot a client computer in the automation environment.

    The automation folder configuration is installed on a client computer. You can boot the client computer in automation environment using the automation folder even when the client computer is disconnected from the network.

    Running a Task in Automation environment using PXE Server:

    A few tasks are run when the client computer is booted in the automation environment. Tasks such as imaging a client computer are carried out when the computer is booted in the preboot environment.

    Running a task in automation environment when the client computer is booted using the automation folder:

    The following diagram displays the flow of data when the client computer is booted in automation environment using an automation folder.

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    Is it useful?

    Just recently (well, somewhat recently), I started the process of upgrading my management platform instrastructure to the new cloud plug-in know able CEM (or Cloud Enabled Management).  Before I started the 'process', I did a lot of research to see how revelant and helpful this would be to my infrastructure.  I read quite a few different forums (non-Symantec) and others stated how unnecessary it was to put the time and effort into this project; stating the time 'wasted' was not outweighed by the benefits.  With these, questionable, opinions being said I must completely disagree!  By putting forward the time and effort I was able to acheive the following things:

    1) Better patching and/or policy compliance.  A large group of my end users enjoy working from home during the evening or use there machines on the weekend (for some strange reason or another), so during these times they will get any patches and/or policies that their machines were needing.

    2) Because some of my users are hardly on the intranet/internal network, they have a really hard time receiving newer/upgraded software.  With CEM being enable for (some of) these users, we have had great success on getting them up to date.

    3) Although I have already mentioned policies, I cannot stress enough how great it is to be able to resolve issues that are happening on a large scale (for instance a simple registry fix) while end users are not on the intranet; this really helps with meeting SLA's.

    So, to answer the question if CEM is useful....HECK YES!  

    I hope this post helps anyone who has been on the edge of the fence regarding CEM.  :)

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    シマンテックは、2015 年 12 月に Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition の価格を引き下げます。

    データ保護の価値と効果が至上の命題である中小規模の企業でも、コスト効果の高いセキュリティソリューションをご利用いただけるように、Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition は、すべてのユーザーブランドについて値下げを決定しました。


    Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition について詳しくは、シマンテックの Web サイト(をご覧ください。


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    (Österreich, Schweiz, Deutschland)
    Twitter カードのスタイル: 

    Guten Tag verehrtes Mitglied der Endpoint Management User Group (Österreich, Schweiz, Deutschland)

    Die Symantec™ User Group-Programm ist entstanden, um es Kunden zu vereinfachen den direkten Kontakt zu anderen Benutzern der EPM Lösungen zu erhalten. Dies soll helfen voneinander zu lernen, sich auszutauschen, Best Practices zu teilen und zu netzwerken, um so immer auf dem neusten Stand bzgl. der Symantec EPM Lösungen zu sein.

    Als Mitglied der Endpoint Management User Group über Connect-Community, haben Sie die Möglichkeit, im Online-Gespräche sich mit anderen Nutzern Rat zu holen bzw. zu erteilen, Fragen oder Ideen zur Diskussion zu stellen.

    Es gibt viele Vorteile, die für die Teilnahme am Symantec User Group-Programm sprechen:

    •       Teilnahme an Gesprächen rund um Best Practices für Ihr Geschäftsumfeld (gerne auch im 1 zu 1 Austausch)

    •       Hier finden Sie Antworten und Lösungen auf Ihre Fragen von Lösungsexperten (sowohl von Partnern, Symantec Mitarbeitern oder anderen Benutzern)

    •       Sie erhalten Zugang zu Roadmaps, können Produktmanager anschreiben und aktuelle Informationen zu Symantec Dienstleistungen, Lösungen und Produkten erhalten

    •       Verbesserung des Wissens über die Lösungen, bessere Nutzung der Symantec Lösung durch Austausch von Einsatzmöglichkeiten.

    •       Zugang zum Symantec-Team auf Anfrage

    •       Connect Punkte sammeln und in Preise umwandeln

    •       Teilnahme an User-Group Treffen.

    Wir sind nicht nur immer auf der Suche nach neuen Mitgliedern und Ideen sondern auch nach Kunden, die Interesse an der Ausrichtung eines Treffens in ihrem Büro und / oder dem Präsentieren eines Themas, für die Gruppe, haben. Wir übernehmen als Hersteller die Kosten, für ein derartiges Treffen!

    Zur Vorbereitung eines User-Group Treffens, interessiert uns Ihre Meinung.

    Anbei finden Sie daher einige Fragen zu denen wir gerne Ihr Feedback hören würden.

    1. Haben Sie vorher schon mal an einem User Group Meeting teilgenommen?

    2. Hätten Sie Interesse an einem Treffen in der Nähe, um sich mit anderen Symantec-Kunden zu vernetzen?

    3. Welche Themen würden Sie bei einem User Group Treffen interessieren? Zum Beispiel, Informationen und Updates für Produkte die Sie derzeit nutzen, Best Practices in anderen Organisationen, offene Diskussionsrunden mit Teilnehmern. Gerne dürfen Sie hier Vorschläge machen.

    4. Könnten Sie sich vorstellen Gastgeber eines Treffens an Ihrem Bürostandort zu sein?

    5. Wäre es für sie vorstellbar, einen Vortrag zu halten, wie Sie Symantec Lösungen in ihrer Organisation nutzen?

    6. Haben Sie Fragen die Sie gerne beantwortet haben möchten? Oder möchten Sie uns gerne Ihre Meinung zu dem User Group Programm mitteilen?

    Vielen Dank. Wir (ich) würden uns freuen sie bei einem möglichen User Group Treffen persönlich begrüßen zu dürfen.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    Sven von Kreyfeld

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    2015 年 10 月 8 日、国際的な暗号研究グループが、SHA-1 ハッシュ関数に対する有効な攻撃に著しい進化が見られると報告しました。SHA-1 は、TLS プロトコルや TLS 証明書の署名など多くの場面で使われています。業界全体がしばらく前に MD5 ハッシュアルゴリズムから移行して以来、あらゆる証明書で最も広く利用されているハッシュアルゴリズムです。

    危険なのは、十分に高性能なコンピュータを使えば、攻撃者は SHA-1 ハッシュ関数に対する実効的な攻撃をしかけられるという点です。そうすると偽の証明書を作成できますが、この証明書はどんな特徴から考えても公的な認証局が署名したように見えます(暗号的に、認証局のルート証明書に結び付けられている)。研究者の試算によると、このような攻撃を実行するために必要な性能のコンピュータを入手するコストは 75,000 ドルから 12 万ドルほどだろうということです。最近はサイバー犯罪者の多くが強大になっていることを考えると、この金額はごく低いと言っていいでしょう。だからといって、Web サイトが今すぐに危険だということではありませんが、これが警鐘になることは間違いありません。

    何年か前からシマンテックは、お客様の証明書について SHA-2 アルゴリズムへの移行を進めてきました(SHA-2 はこのような攻撃に対して脆弱ではないと研究者は指摘しています)。お客様の大多数は、すでに SHA-2 証明書への移行が済んでおり、今回発表があったような攻撃を受ける危険性はありません。

    ただし、シマンテックの大手企業顧客のなかでも、アップグレードが必要な証明書は膨大な数にのぼるため、SHA-1 発行停止の期限までに SHA-2 への移行は完了しそうにないという報告が数社から上がっています。CA/Browser Forum が定めた期限は、2016 年 1 月 1 日です。そのようなお客様を考慮して、シマンテックは先日、発行要件を緩和して、発行停止の期限を 2017 年 1 月 1 日に延期するという投票を提案したところでした。しかし、これまで考えられていた以上にリスクが高いことが今回の新しい研究で詳しく報告されたので、その投票案は撤回しました。移行の完了が難しいお客様については、引き続き有効な代替案を検討していく予定です。

    研究者は、全ユーザーが SHA-2 証明書への移行をできるだけ早く完了するよう提言しています。ほとんどのブラウザは、現時点の方針として 2017 年 1 月 1 日以降 SHA-1 の TLS 証明書をいっさい拒否すると定めていますが、今回の報告をふまえて、期限が前倒しになる可能性は高いかもしれません。まだ SHA-1 証明書をお使いの場合は、SHA-2 証明書への移行計画を急いだほうがいいでしょう。最新のブラウザでも、モバイルデバイスやデスクトップのオペレーティングシステムでも SHA-2 はサポートされているので、ほとんどどんな場合でも移行は簡単です。


    1. 現在の証明書で SHA-1 が使われているかどうか、無料の Symantec CryptoReport(で確認する。
    2. アカウントにログインして SHA-1 証明書があるかどうかを確認し、ある場合には SHA-256 に置き換える。シマンテックのお客様は、いつでも無償で証明書を移行できます。
    3. サーバーに新しい証明書をインストールし、CryptoReport でインストール状態を確認する。

    何かお困りの点がある場合は、シマンテックの証明書と Complete Website Security 製品には、24 時間 365 日の技術サポートが含まれていますので、ぜひご利用ください。


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    • 増加する一方のサイバー脅威について、自社の備えはどのくらい万全か(1 ~ 100 までのスケールで表す)。
    • サイバー攻撃耐性はあるか。
    • どんな対策をとる必要があるか。


    サイバー攻撃耐性を身に着ける方法については、この動画をご覧ください。企業のサイバー攻撃耐性の強化について詳しくは、「A Manifesto for Cyber Resilience(サイバー攻撃耐性に関するマニフェスト)」(英語)をダウンロードするか、ホワイトペーパー「The Cyber Resilience Blueprint: A New Perspective on Security(サイバー攻撃耐性の計画: 新たな観点からのセキュリティ)」(英語)をお読みください。



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    Cybercriminals are looking for vulnerable installations of vBulletin to exploit. Keep them out by applying the latest patches.


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    With Windows XP, you would have noticed you have more features to pick in order to find the specific file you're looking for using Search Companion (and I still think it's the BEST thing ever since). But with Windows 7 and onward, you're limited with a simple search and having to remember what functions/code to do further searching.

    I've come across this software (well, many moons ago), which I have found very useful and I always have a copy of it on my network drive, my USB stick and even on my cloud storage!

    It's AstroGrep. And it's very powerful, yet so simple to use. The best of this program is that it's free. And open source too.

    It does many things you want it to do. Search for a word within files. Wildcard searching. Even Regular expressions if you're into it!

    I use it to find the biggest space hogger but I mostly use it to find specific file and many more. Give it a go.

    Do you use it? And if not, what do you use? Do share!

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    サイバー犯罪者は、脆弱性のある vBulletin がインストールされているサーバーを悪用しようと狙っています。最新のパッチを適用して撃退しましょう。


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    Symantec’s Volunteer of the Quarter initiative highlights and rewards those employees who dedicate their time and talents to those in need. We have a long and proud history of encouraging our employees to volunteer. While the driving force of our efforts is largely altruistic, there is even more to volunteering than giving back to our communities. Volunteering makes our company a better place to work, so employees are helping both Symantec and the organizations they volunteer for.

    This quarter, we recognize Martin Coughlan, Senior Engineering Manager and his volunteer efforts with local schools and Scouting Ireland. His Online Safety in the Community talks have expanded to include talks for parents! The $1,000 USD Symantec VoQ grant will be donated to Scouting Ireland.

    As a member of the Symantec RuleSpace engineering team, I’m part of a group that is responsible for the web categorization software that powers many of Symantec’s parental control offerings. This role has given me unique insight into many of the threats that young people can face on the Internet. Because of this experience, and the fact that I have three young boys, I decided to participate in the Online Safety in the Community initiative. Last year, over the course of a five week period, I gave several Internet safety talks at my boys’ school in Dublin, Ireland. I spoke with each class, giving them examples of how to stay safe online. My work with the RuleSpace team has been useful for helping me prepare relevant information for the Internet safety training to the young students, and vice versa. The Online Safety talks have given me excellent insight into how children of all ages are using the Internet. It has also helped me to identify research areas that our engineering team might look into. This firsthand experience of interacting with our young people on the topic of online safety has strengthened my passion for offering the best service we can. Because of this volunteer work, the school’s Board of Management recently asked if I could offer a similar talk geared for parents. My wife runs an afterschool computer club and I have also helped her prepare content about Internet safety to share with her students.

    I think it can be very easy to think we are too busy. I always hear people say that they would love to volunteer but they just don’t have the time. I don’t think I have more time than the average person, but it’s about making the time for things that are bigger than you.

    I have been volunteering for some time now in other activities as well. I have been a Beaver Scouts leader for the 10th Kilternan Scout troop for five years now. All of my kids are in the Scouts. When the youngest started, one of the leaders approached me and asked if I would be interested in volunteering as a leader. I was a Scout when I was younger and had always enjoyed the outdoor aspect so I said yes. It’s about an hour and a half of time a week running meetings and one day a month for outdoor activities like a hike. We also do weekend and overnight camps throughout the year. It always amazes me how my “day-job” business skills and the volunteer work can overlap. I might do a Scouting course that challenges me to think a different way in approaching problems and vice versa.

    The most gratifying aspect of the community service is the positive effect on the kids. Whether it’s coaxing them up a mountain or explaining the importance of being safe online, seeing them engaged is an uplifting feeling. Volunteering allows you to contribute in way that can actually make a difference and also a great way to get involved in your community.

    The volunteer hours that I have logged in Symantec’s Dollars-for-Doers program has allowed the Scouts to go on valuable trips abroad. The whole troop would have had to do a whole day of fundraising to make the amount that was donated from Symantec. The $1,000 USD Symantec VoQ grant will help our troop take the older Scouts to the Kandersteg International Scout center in Switzerland this summer!


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    Anticipating the Breach(データ漏えいに備えて)』(英語)は、シマンテックが新たに発行したホワイトペーパーです。企業がサイバーセキュリティに対して今まで以上に全体論的なアプローチで臨むにはどうすればいいのかを、想定されるデータ漏えいの発生前、進行中、発生後に分けて説明しています。




    • 早期から何度でも備える - 「備え」というのは、文書上のことだけではありません。ホワイトペーパーでも推奨されているように、常に変化するプロセスです。いったん決めたら、テストと改良を行い、その後もテストと改良を何度でも繰り返します。
    • 優秀なチームを作る - スキルの評価、ギャップの識別、実際的なシナリオでのトレーニングによって、セキュリティチームを常に発展・成長させることを優先します。セキュリティ計画も、それを支える堅固なチームがなければ意味がありません。
    • グローバルなインテリジェンスを統合する - 敵は常に戦術を変えてきます。脅威について明確なインテリジェンスプログラムを設け、敵のグローバルな傾向や活動を継続的に監視する必要があります。



    • 早期に検出して対応する - インシデントの検出と緊急度の判定が早ければ早いほど、迅速にリソースを割り当てて対応することができます。
    • 脅威に関するインテリジェンスを適用する - 脅威に関するグローバルなインテリジェンスによって適正なレベルで武装を整えれば、こちらの環境内で脅威の兆候に先取攻撃的な対策をとることができます。自社のセキュリティチームの技術的あるいは人的なリソースを拡大してくれるような、セキュリティ技術とインテリジェンスに関するパートナーとの提携も考えましょう。


    • 封じ込めと修復 - レスポンスチームは、インシデントが漏えいにつながらないように、できるだけ迅速に封じ込めと修復を行う必要があります。
    • 攻撃後の経営幹部によるブリーフィング - 経営幹部のブリーフィング(エグゼクティブブリーフィング)を開き、教訓を確認して現在のサイバーセキュリティプログラムを評価します。
    • トレーニングとテスト - インシデントレスポンスチームは、トレーニングと成長、テストを耐えず繰り返して、インシデント意識を「身体で覚え」る必要があります。ひとたびそのインシデントが発生した場合、トレーニングとテストを積んだレスポンスチームであれば、即座に対策を講じられます。




    ホワイトペーパーのダウンロードはこちらから: Anticipating the Breach(データ漏えいに備えて)



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