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    The power of one click is something Symantec knows well. But sometimes a single click can do great things, like helping win a grant to benefit a children’s charity.

    Symantec employee, Melaney Smith, is a Senior Principle Information Security Analyst with the Global Security Office (GSO) in Atlanta. She is also the founder ofBooks for Keeps, a charity that puts books into the hands of underserved children. 


    Melaney is one of this year’s L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth honoree finalists, a program that awards grants to worthy charities. She is being recognized globally for her incredible contributions and is in the running to win a $25,000 grant to expand the work of her charity. 

    Winners will be determined by the number of votes each nominee’s video receives. Symantec employees can help support a colleague and put even more books in the hands of some very deserving children to promote reading.

    Simply visit Melaney’s Women of Worth page and click “Vote to Support.” One little click can make a big difference, and you can vote once per day, per email address, until 20 November.

    Melaney launched Books for Keeps in 2009 to help get books into the hands of underserved children in her community for summer reading programs. Since then, Books for Keeps has put more than 200,000 books into the hands of children. 

    Melaney has been recognized before at Symantec for her volunteerism. Even so, she is still surprised at being recognized in the global spotlight. 

    “I am still a little bit in shock that my program was recognized,” Melaney said. “Bringing books to kids and promoting reading is something I am personally very passionate about and believe has great value in the world. But I never expected this level of global attention. It really motivates me to do even more for children.”

    Melaney says winning a grant like this would enable the Books for Keeps program to expand into additional schools.

    “Winning this grant would help us reach so many more children,” she said. “I hope to put the power of the Symantec culture and social media behind this, and I really need the help of my colleagues around the world to make it happen.”

    Learn more about Melaney’s inspiring journey to launch Books for Keeps, and how she created a program that reaches thousands of children each year in her community through the power of reading.  

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    Serves as a reminder to app developers to only use verified versions of Apple’s integrated development environment.


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    Apple の統合開発環境は必ず検証済みのバージョンを使いましょう。このマルウェアは、それを再確認させてくれる警鐘とも言えます。


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    A had a problem the other day that drove me nearly insane. I wanted to see the Enterprise Vault tab on some folders within a mailbox (and on a public folder).  I couldn't see them.. no matter what I did.

    Why? Why? Why?

    The setting I adjusted/checked was:

    folder visible.png

    It was definitely set to show the tab. But countless mailbox sync's and restarts of Outlook, along with changing a different setting to confirm that the change to show the tab was in fact working, all resulted in no tab being shown.

    Eventually, I found the solution.

    You need the 'full' client for it to be visible, and it's documented in this article:

    Article ID: 36854 - The Enterprise Vault tab is not visible on the Outlook folder properties

    It's here in the Desktop Policy:

    the solution.png

    After that (and the appropriate mailbox sync) the tab showed up!

    Sometimes it's these strange things that keep me from having a full head of hair! Have you ever experienced this strange-ness? Let me know...

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    Location:  Webcast


    Tue, 17 November, 2015 - 11:00 - 12:00 EST

    Are you benefitting from the Cloud?   While migrating to the Cloud can be daunting, the benefits are overwhelmingly compelling.  Security must be a foundation of your migration plan to protect yourself and your customers.  Join Symantec, IDC and AWS for our Cloud9 webcast on Tuesday, November 17th at 11:00 am EST.


    • Didi Dayton, Practice Lead for Global Service Providers, Symantec
    • Darren Bibby,VP Channels and Alliances, IDC
    • Matt Maychyshan, Sr. Manager Solutions Architecture, AWS Partner Program

    IDC’s VP Channels and Alliances, Darren Bibby, will explore the largest transformations and disruptions from migrating to the Cloud.  Darren is joined by Matt Maychyshan, Sr. Manager Solutions Architecture, AWS Partner Program at Amazon Web Services.  He will talk about AWS growth and the thermals that are driving it.  Security is a shared strategy and he will discuss the Symantec strategy to securely migrate Data Centers to the Cloud.  Symantec’s Didi Dayton, Practice Lead for Global Service Providers, will share how Symantec’s Hybrid Network Security Architecture helps to enable a secure transition to the Cloud, supporting security at all control points, from the endpoint, data center and network.  This is a 60 minute investment of time that will provide insight and key tactics to consider. 

    Who Should Attend: Global Service Providers, Global System Integrators, Cloud Service Brokers, Managed Service Providers   

    Register Now

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    Vivaldi is a new web browser developed by Vivaldi Technologies, a company founded by Opera Software co-founder. This browser has a minimalistic user interface with basic icons and fonts, and a color scheme that changes based on the background and design of the web page being visited.

    The first impression is positive, even if it is still in beta the browser has good performance and stability. it could be an interesting internet browser alternative.

    Main features - Beta 1 (released on 03.11.2015) :

    • Web-panels
    • Chromeless UI
    • Color schemes
    • UI zoom
    • Tabs visual navigation
    • Private window
    • Page loading progress indicator
    • Typed history list
    • Smooth scrolling
    • Geolocation support
    • HTML5 h.264 support
    • Full Extensions support


    License: Freeware

    Link : Vivaldi


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  • 11/05/15--10:50: Symantec Gold
  • Symantec Gold

    Eveyone should ask their sales rep about Symantec Gold! I started using it recently and I am enjoying it so far as well as getting some good educational references.

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    Water scarcity is a hot topic. Although seventy percent of the Earth’s surface is water, only two percent is fresh. We rely on underground aquifers to supply human demand.  In California, drought has been severe the past few years and aquifers are currently being tapped for sixty percent of its water use. But drought-stricken California is not the only region strained for water; there are thousands of local water issues around the world. Twenty-one of the world’s thirty-seven largest aquifers, that is one-third of the water reservoirs we rely on, are depleting rapidly.

    "Water Re-imagined"

    For Symantec’s quarterly Green Talk series, the Mountain View Green Team invited Charles Fishman, celebrated journalist and best-selling author, to speak about the history and future of water. His fascinating speech delivers informative statistics and stimulating stories that take listeners around the world from Las Vegas to New Delhi to uncover how the world of water is changing. The key takeaways of his talk cover three themes:

    1. Appreciate that water problems are solvable– the problem is the people.
    2. Water problems are local– there is no global water crisis; there are thousands of local water problems.
    3. And to leave listeners with a fresh sense of urgency of the water problems we face – the problems of water cannot wait.

    “Huge progress is possible…Innovation is possible. We’ve made a start… but we haven’t dug in at the home front as much as we could.”

    Symantec Takes Steps to Conserve

    Symantec recognizes that water scarcity poses a great risk to our local and global community. We take our environmental impact seriously, and with our headquarters in drought-affected California, we are taking various steps to address water challenges and water conservation. We joined Ceres Connect the Drops campaign, a multi-stakeholder initiative in California that promotes collaboration among businesses and policymakers around sustainable water use solutions.

    Conscious of our own business impact, we have implemented several water conservation initiatives around our campuses. We are reworking our landscapes and water use practices to be more efficient.

    • Frequency of irrigation has been reduced significantly and we have also installed water efficient fixtures.
    • We have removed lawn and replanted the areas with drought-tolerant plants. 
    • On one campus we are using creative design and have plans to remove turf and use the space as an expanded outside dining area. 
    • Pruning the trees has decreased their need for water, and we’ve added heavy mulching around the trees to prevent evaporation of water since we have significantly decreased irrigation.
    • We have stopped window cleaning with pressure washing and instead wash windows when needed using a bucket and minimal water or dry brushing the exterior.
    • Fountains have been turned off and filled with decomposed granite.

    As a result of our efforts, we are making great strides in improving our use and efficiency of water.

    What You Can Do

    There are many ways we can each play a part in water conservation at home and at work by taking simple actions. At home we can shorten our showers, purchase water efficient appliances, and wait until the laundry is full to wash a load. At work, we can report leaks to maintenance and make sure we keep faucet running to a minimum.

    California Passes Landmark Climate Legislation

    California is leading the way with bold action to tackle climate change. SB 350 was signed into law early October and requires the state of California to generate half of its electricity from renewable energy sources and double energy efficiency in all buildings by 2030. It also entails building infrastructure for electric transportation. Symantec has been a public supporter of SB350  and we’re pleased to see this pass!  As Governor Brown said, “California has taken groundbreaking steps to increase the efficiency of our cars, buildings, and appliances and provide ever more renewable energy. With SB 350, we deepen our commitment.” Symantec will continue to address its environmental impacts including how best to target energy and greenhouse gas emissions reductions for our business. 

    Symantec’s Green Teams

    Symantec’s Green Teams are employee-run, local teams that champion environmental responsibility at Symantec and in the local communities where they operate. They help identify ways that Symantec can minimize its environmental footprint and are involved in a range of activities from volunteering in the community to spearheading campus-wide sustainability efforts. Each quarter, the Green Team hosts the Green Talk lecture series in an effort to educate employees and guests about varying sustainability issues.

    Contact for more information!

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    Symantec DeepSight™ Intelligence から、Advanced Enterprise をご契約のお客様に個別のサイバー脅威情報をお届けするアドオンサービスが始まります


    そんなときこそ、シマンテックをご利用ください。シマンテックの DeepSight Intelligenceサービスは、Symantec Global Intelligence Network からの遠隔測定と、DeepSight Intelligence チームによる精密な解析とを組み合わせて、お客様が必要とするコンテキストをお届けします。攻撃者とその手口から、被害状況まで、脅威のあらゆる実相をご確認いただけます。

    DeepSight Intelligence は、一般的な脅威と業界固有の脅威を広く見通しますが、脅威が切迫している場合や不特定の場合には、セキュリティ対策でインテリジェンスの情報源から何も結果が得られないことがあります。そのような場合には、Directed Threat Research で、企業固有のインテリジェンス上の疑問を解決するオンデマンドのサービスをご利用ください。


    Directed Threat Research - DeepSight の最新の進化と拡張

    Directed Threat Research は、シマンテックの DeepSight Intelligenceおよび MATI(Managed Adversary and Threat Intelligence、サイバー脅威インテリジェンスの契約サービス)の一部です。

    Directed Threat Research には、以下のような特長があります。

    • 企業に固有の疑問や要望に対処する個別のレポート
    • 豊富な経験を利用できるシマンテックのインテリジェンスアナリストチーム
    • Symantec Global Intelligence Network から収集した知見
    • モニタリングに基づいて脅威のライフサイクルを予測(早期警戒)
    • 経営幹部や脅威アナリスト、ネットワークセキュリティ担当者をサポートする戦略的・戦術的インテリジェンス

    DeepSight をご利用の場合に、Directed Threat Research はどう機能するのか

    組織は特定の攻撃者や攻撃活動について疑問を抱えていることでしょう。リクエストを送信すると、DeepSight の[Directed Threat Research]タブを使って、さまざまな規模で追跡できるカスタムレポートが返されます。

    151106_Cyber Adversaries.png

    カスタムの Directed Threat Research レポートで備えれば、他のインテリジェンス情報源でカバーできない部分を穴埋めし、「誰がなぜ攻撃してきたのか」といった詳しい回答を経営陣に提供することができます。



    敵を知ったうえで、おのれの強みと弱点を自覚できる組織は、これからのサイバーセキュリティ戦争を勝ち抜く見込みが高いはずです。脅威を取りまく世界が変化するなか、お客様が敵より優位に立てるように Symantec DeepSight Intelligence も変化と適応を遂げています。

    ダウンロード: DeepSight Intelligence の概要データシート(英語)



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    EV Migration

    Current Infrastructure:

    Enterprise Vault  10.0.1

    OS - Windows 2008 R2 x64

    Want to upgrade to Enterprise Vault 11.0.1

    OS - Windows 2012 R2 x64

    Please suggest ways this can be achieved. I have Enterprise Vault eDiscovery installed as well.

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    ソーシャルメディアにおける「ID バッジ自慢」の流行が、サイバー犯罪者に新しい攻撃手段をもたらしています。

    新しい仕事に就いたとき、友だちや同僚にソーシャルメディアで大々的に知らせたくなる人は多いようです。うれしさのあまり、自分の最近の快挙を伝えようとして会社の新しい ID バッジ(ネームタグ)を写真に撮って投稿することまで流行しているようです。これをシマンテックは「ID バッジ自慢」と呼んでいます。自慢したい気持ちに悪意はないのですが、従業員証をオンラインで投稿する行為は、会社にとってセキュリティ上の思わぬリスクを引き起こす恐れがあります。

    PC 時代から技術が進歩してインターネット対応のデバイスが爆発的に増えましたが、攻撃者の手口もそれに合わせて広がっています。ソーシャルメディアは、攻撃者から見れば尽きることのない情報源であり、被害者の個人情報、写真、所在などをいくらでも利用できるようになっています。ソーシャルメディアに投稿するユーザーはたいてい、それを差し障りのない情報だと考えているものです。しかし、ひとたびサイバー犯罪者の手に渡れば、ID バッジで読み取れる情報から、重要な業務情報や個人情報に対する不正アクセスが起きることもあります。あるいは、建物への物理的な侵入を許してしまうかもしれません。

    最近のハッカーは手口が巧妙になってきており、建物やネットワークへの侵入を試みる前に偵察行動ができる特殊なデジタルツールを使っています。そうしたツールを使えば、Twitter や Facebook、LinkedIn に何気なく投稿された大量の情報をくまなく調べ、攻撃プランを組み立てることなど造作もありません。セキュリティ研究者が、新しい手法を阻止し新しいプラットフォームを保護しようとどれほど努力しても、攻撃者はあらゆるシステムにおける最大の弱点を狙うことができます。人間の行動です。極論すれば、アクセスを管理してくれると信じてきた同じ技術が、ソーシャルメディアにたった 1 回でも投稿があれば逆に悪用されかねないということです。


    Symantec Cyber Security Services チームは最近、ソーシャルメディアの各種プラットフォームに ID バッジの写真を高解像度で投稿する行為が流行していることを確認しています。これが知らず知らずのうちに、サイバー犯罪者による標的型攻撃の糸口になっています。

    そうした例のひとつを紹介します。ある人―ここでは「リチャード」と呼んでおきましょう―が先日、有名な病院に就職しました。リチャードは、この仕事に就いたのがうれしくて、新しい病院の ID バッジを写真に撮り、お気に入りのソーシャルメディアに投稿しました。腕の立つサイバー犯罪者が、以前からこの病院にアクセスしたいと考えていたとしたら、リチャードと同じくらい喜んでいるかもしれません。リチャードが投稿した ID バッジは、攻撃者がアクセスする必要のあるオープンソースインテリジェンス(OSINT)のカギになる可能性があるからです。

    Symantec_FacebookPost_Twitter_V2 (002).jpg

    従業員 ID バッジの写真が、攻撃者にとって情報の宝庫になることがあります。この病院の ID バッジには、リチャードのフルネーム、出身校(学位まで)、病院名、分院名、勤務している部局が載っていました。しかもリチャードは、写真のコメントに嬉々として初出勤日まで書いており、バッジには有効期限も記載されています。この情報があれば、攻撃者はこの病院が 4 年ごとに ID バッジを交換していることを突き止め、その間の物理的なアクセスが可能になるかもしれません。リチャードは写真の撮影にスマートフォンを使いましたが、高解像度だったので写真にはバーコードまでしっかり写っていました。攻撃者は、ID バッジが服に直接クリップ止めされていることにも気付く可能性があります。だとすると、リチャードは病院を出入りするたびにハンドヘルドスキャナを使ってバッジをスキャンすると考えられます。しかも、投稿された写真は高解像度なので、バッジのコピーさえ簡単に作れてしまうかもしれないのです。


    攻撃者は、物理的にこの病院を不正に出入りできるようになるだけではありません。リチャード本人、あるいは彼の勤務する部局や病院全体を狙って標的型のサイバー攻撃を実行するために必要な情報が、すべて攻撃者の手に渡っている恐れもあります。そうすると、攻撃者は正規のメールらしく見えて効果の高いスピア型フィッシングメールを作成することができます。リチャードの名前、部局、従業員 ID 番号まで載っているからです。これに「必修:新入社員研修」という件名を付けるだけでも、ワナのエサとしては完璧です。解像度の高いバッジの写真を使えば、平均的なハッカーなら 15 分もあればバッジを解析し、バーコードまで解読できてしまいます。


    ソーシャルメディアには、攻撃者に豊富な情報を提供し続けるという面もありますが、肯定的に考えれば、「人的な要因」こそ是正が最も容易だと捉えることもできます。シマンテックの Cyber Security Simulation チームは、お客様に悪影響を及ぼしそうな脅威をすべて常に研究しています。多くの場合、リスクのきっかけを作ってしまうのは、企業のセキュリティ担当者や従業員に対する訓練不足です。たとえばこの病院のセキュリティスタッフが、ID バッジに記載されている情報量の多さを認識していれば、不正に利用されないように適切な対策をとっていたかもしれません。そうしたプロアクティブな態勢があれば、ID バッジが複製されるようなリスクは抑えられます。さらに言うと、写真さえ使えば ID バッジを簡単に複製できることまで、セキュリティスタッフは理解しているべきでした。そうすれば、もっとセキュアな社員証システムを採用するなり、ソーシャルメディアに重要な情報を投稿することについてポリシーを設けるなり、病院に提言できたかもしれないからです。


    1. 「生きた」ポリシーを策定する。業務に関係する画像や情報をオンラインに投稿する行為について、従業員向けのポリシーを策定します。「ID バッジを写真に撮ることは禁止する」など、許容される内容と禁止される内容をわかりやすく例示します。従業員の全員がこのポリシーを理解し、それに従うと合意したことを確認してください。新しいソーシャルメディアツールが登場するなど、技術的な変化があった場合には、必要に応じてポリシーを更新することも必要です。
    2. セキュリティを、新入社員教育に組み入れる。新入社員に対する教育には、セキュリティポリシーについての研修を必ず含め、最初から混乱を避けるようにします。従業員に対して、以下のような簡単なヒントを示してください。
      • 会社の ID バッジを見せた状態で写真に写らないこと。
      • 社外では ID バッジを見せないこと。
      • ID バッジは厳重に管理し、紛失または盗難の際には速やかに連絡すること。
    3. 良好な環境の補強に努める。常に従業員とのコミュニケーションを保ってその言動を補強し、最近の攻撃の傾向について明らかにしておきます。

    企業におけるサイバー意識の向上を Symantec Cyber Security Services がお手伝い

    従業員が攻撃を防ぎ検出できる態勢を強化するという観点から見ると、企業の中でサイバー意識の水準を引き上げることが効果的です。セキュリティ研修とシミュレーション訓練を積極的に取り込めば、各自の役職とアクセスレベルに応じて、サイバー攻撃の最新の手口を理解しやすくなります。IT の専門スタッフでも技術系以外の従業員でも、例外はありません。

    Symantec Security Awareness Serviceでは、強力なパスワードの設定やその記憶方法、あるいはリモート勤務の際に安全性を確保する方法といった考え方について、従業員の全員にベストプラクティスの教育を施します。ネットワークを利用する全ユーザーのセキュリティ意識向上を図り、セキュリティチームとそれ以外の従業員とのギャップを埋めるうえで、これは重要な土台です。

    Symantec Phishing ReadinessSecurity Simulationはどちらも、参加者に実地体験をお届けし、攻撃者の観点からその手口、動機、戦術を理解できるようにするサービスです。サイバー意識に関するシマンテックの取り組みを利用していれば、リチャードの勤務する病院もリスクの危険を把握し、問題点を是正して、システムに不正アクセスされる可能性を大幅に減らすことができたでしょう。




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    100 年以上も前に、ある商人グループが「共同海損」というコンセプトを生み出しました。海洋での投機的な事業にかかわる当事者の全員が、海難事故で貨物に被害が生じた場合にその損害を分担するという考え方です。1890 年にこのグループが作ったのは、貨物に商人が保険をかける仕組みでした。船が着いたとき、積荷が無事だった商人は、積荷を事故で失った商人の損害の一部を分担します。

    今日のサイバーセキュリティに目を転じてみると、私たちの情報もやはり、World Wide Web と呼ばれるデジタルの大海で失われる恐れがあります。脅威の状況を見ても、攻撃者がますます果敢に執拗に、容赦なくサイバー攻撃を仕掛けるようなってきたため、攻撃の件数が増え続けています。攻撃者については、次のような傾向が予測されます。

    • さらに対応が早く、効率的になる
    • 標的型の攻撃で組織に侵入する
    • ソーシャルメディア、モバイル、インターネット対応プラットフォームを通じて消費者に狙いを定める
    • 増えつつある「モノのインターネット」の悪用が増える



    データ漏えいが起きると、評判に傷がつき、業務も中断を余儀なくされますが、何より困るのは高くつくということです。Ponemon Institute の 2014 年の報告書によると、米国では、データ漏えい 1 件あたりの平均コストが 585 万ドルと言われています。IT による防御だけに頼っていると、セキュリティについて誤って安心しがちですが、どんな組織でもリスクと無縁ではありえません。新しい保護の層として今、サイバー保険に注目が集まっています。

    サイバー保険が急速に採用されている現状を見ると、その成長には大きく 2 つの要因があることがわかります。ひとつは、情報漏えいへの対応を義務付ける新しい法律が制定されていること。もうひとつは、盗み出された情報を決済詐欺やなりすましなどの犯罪に利用するサイバー犯罪者が増えていることです。


    サイバー保険は、技術と同じ速さで進化しています。今日では当然の補償範囲と考えられている部分が、たった 3 年前には対象でなかったり、補償範囲の拡大が市場で連日のように交渉されていたりします。おさえておきたい主な補償項目は、次のとおりです。

    • 損害賠償 - サイバーインシデントまたはプライバシーインシデントに起因する損害賠償の申し立てがあったときの訴訟や補償の費用
    • 事故対応 - サイバーインシデントまたはプライバシーインシデントに対する調査や軽減についての補償
    • 事業停止 - サイバーインシデントに起因する事業停止についての補償
    • サイバー脅迫 - ネットワークを破壊する、機密情報を漏えいするなどの脅迫に対する対応についての補償




    • 保険の対象となる組織の規模
    • 保存されている機密データの量
    • 業種
    • 評判に対して想定されるリスクの程度
    • 組織の耐性
    • 脅威の経路


    ホワイトペーパー『What Every CISO Needs to Know About Cyber Insurance(サイバー保険について CISO がみんな知っておくべきこと)』(英語)をダウンロードしてください。サイバー保険業界の専門家の論文がまとめられています。



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    Stay safe. Online Shopping Security Tips

    The Diwali and Christmas season is a time for celebrations and gifts.

    E-commerce and shopping sites know this just as well and have tons of great deals and discounts for their customers. 


    Being safe by avoiding online theft and malware is better than being sorry and with that in mind, here are top tips for safe online shopping this festive season.

    • Use Familiar E-commerce Sites. Shop on a trusted site rather than shopping with list provided by search engine. Search results can lead you many sites, especially when you see few pages of links. If you know the trusted sites then there are less chances to be rip off.
    • Look For The Lock Always look for SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) in the e-commerce site. You will know if the site has SSL in the URL of the site. The SSL site's URL will start with HTTPS:// instead of just HTTP://.
    • Do not respond to pop-ups. When a window pops up promising you cash or gift cards for answering a question or taking a survey, close it by pressing Control + F4 for Windows and Command + W for Macs.
    • Do not auto-save your personal information. When purchasing online, you may be given the option to save your personal information and credit card details online for future use. In case of a security breach, your personal info will also get exposed.
    • Use Strong Passwords. One of most critical security concern is that least attention to passwords. It is recommend to use strong passwords and they are the best security defenses we have. Online shopping sites have all the details of your credit cards and more.
    • Cross Check the Product before Buying. Never trust a seller, check reviews about the particular product you are tempted to buy, compare price and rating, read buyer reviews and check the measures and duration of warranty.
    • When in doubt, throw it out. Links in emails, posts and texts are often the ways cybercriminals try to steal your information or infect your devices.
    • Do not use a public computer to shop online. Computers save or “cache” information to speed up your Internet experience and may lack security features. To protect yourself, do all of your online shopping from your secure home computer.

    Basic Safety and Security Tips:

    • Keep a clean machine. All web-connected devices ‒ including PCs, smartphones and tablets ‒ free from malware and infections by running only the most current versions of software and apps.
    • Get two steps ahead. Turn on two-step authentication ‒ also known as two-step verification or multi-factor authentication ‒ on accounts where available. It adds a layer of protection beyond logon and password.
    • Make better passwords. If your passwords are weak, improve them by adding capital letters, numbers and symbols and using different passwords for every account.

    Check these Articles:

    Beware Weak Spots and Cyber Shocks this Diwali Season

    419 Scammers Take Advantage of Festival of Lights


    Wish you all a safe and secure Diwali!

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    Symantec analysis confirms that in the wrong hands, Mabouia ransomware could be used to attack Macs.


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  • 11/09/15--15:16: Guide to Zero-Day Exploits
  • An overview of zero-day vulnerabilities, how attacks happen, and ways to protect your organization


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    シマンテックによる解析で、Mabouia ランサムウェアが犯罪者の手に渡れば Mac に対する攻撃に利用されうることが確認されました。


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    On Thursday, October 22nd nine Symantec employees volunteered at the local Dublin charity, Camara, as part of Symantec’s Take Five initiative. The Take Five initiative’s purpose is to encourage each Symantec employee to volunteer at least five hours in FY16. Camara is an international charity and social enterprise that uses technology to deliver skills and education to disadvantaged communities around the world.  In Bantu, a dialect of West Africa, Camara means ‘teacher’ or ‘one who teaches with experience,’ a name fitting for this purpose-driven organization. Camara collects redundant computers from organizations for refurbishment and reuse, reloads them with educational software, and ships the refurbished computers in bulk to Education Hubs throughout Ireland and Africa. These computers are typically installed at eLearning Centres in schools and community centres to provide educational tools to some of the most disadvantaged communities in the world. Since 2005, they have supported 250 organizations and delivered digital literacy to over one million students!


    On the volunteer day, the Symantec employees had the opportunity to visit the Camara office and warehouse based in Chapelizod in Dublin, Ireland. The volunteers helped the organization by preparing large volumes of redundant computers for reuse by cleaning the computers before they are installed with educational resources. “It was a good day. I came back to the office with a smile on my face! I guess it’s true, charity work is good for the soul,” said Jules O’Sullivan, one of the Symantec volunteers. Each of the volunteers logged their hours in Symantec’s Dollars for Doers Program. Those logged volunteer hours means that Camara will receive a donation of $675!


    Symantec will continue to build a partnership with Camara. Their mission aligns with Symantec’s philanthropic goals in many ways: engaging employees with relevant volunteer activities within the local community, reducing Symantec’s environmental footprint through computer donations, and supporting digital literacy for global communities in need. In the near future, Symantec plans to donate computers to Camara for reuse. There will also be more volunteer days to the warehouse! 


    As part of our growing partnership with Camara, we were invited to attend the Tech Fest event hosted by Camara in Dublin. Amanda Davies and I attended as guests of the event to gather insight on future opportunities for delivering our Online Safety in the Community program.  Tech Fest is a wonderful event for young people in Ireland where they gather to present their work that they created in the TechSpace program as well as take part in special workshops, hear from inspirational speakers, and get inspired in STEM. TechSpace is a national movement that changes the lives of disadvantaged young people in Ireland by building the capacity of youth organizations to run creative technology and STEM education programs. Through these programs young people build vital skills for successful futures. For Symantec, and our commitment to STEM education and promoting online safety in the community, it was an inspirational event that introduced us to many new insights and opportunities. 

    Elaine Curley is Symantec's Senior Quality Assurance Specialist 

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    This month the vendor is releasing 12 bulletins covering a total of 49 vulnerabilities. Twenty-six of this month's issues are rated Critical.


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    Inventory Solution

    When it comes to Endpoint Management and the inventory of hard- and software, there are a lot of products besides ITMS/Altiris capable of spewing some out hard- and software inventory reports.

    I can imagine that you are thinking right now:

    So… I got software reports, I got hardware reports, I’ll just use one of these products at random and I’m set!

    Bear with me on this one to provide some clear information.

    Symantec Altiris is capable of the following without customizing anything in the platform:

    • Hardware inventory regardless of the Operating System (Windows, Linux, Unix, Apple, OSX)

    • Software inventory regardless of the Operating System (Windows, Linux, Unix, Apple, OSX)

    • Inventory of hypervisors (MS, VMware) and their virtual server systems and HW properties

    • Inventory of server software like Active Directory, SQL, MS Exchange,...

    Image preview

    Besides these topics, let me explain a bit more in detail the plusses that come default with the Inventory Solution:

    • Windows Software inventory does not only check the “Add-Remove Programs section, but also checks a lot more parameters like the Windows Registry, Programs and more. The results of these findings are then put in the Symantec CMDB and correlated with a lot of intelligence so granular reports can be used.

    • With the Inventory Pack for Servers Solution that comes with Server Management Suite, a detailed overview of various server programs can be integrated so custom reports can be created easily for each purpose.

    • One single report can be created with the entire managed client environment divided per hardware manufacturer, model and everything needed for IT staff/management or audit companies

    If we’re talking about the management and easy of configuration:

    • A web console is provided for the complete management of the Altiris platform (which means the Inventory Solution is in there)

      • Remind you that Internet Explorer is chosen as default web browser (Firefox and Chrome however work too)

    • Prebuild Inventory Policies are already in place and working right after the installation of the platform. They can easily be cloned and changed to the customers’ needs

    • Inventory Policies are platform independent, which means that one inventory policy works for everything

    All right, now we’ve got the basic stuff covered in a very high-level manner, let’s start talking about the strong points of the Symantec Inventory Solution!

    In real life situations, businesses need more than default hard- and software inventories that software.

    I’ll give you an example: Company X has bought 2000 custom fonts and deployed them into the organization. These fonts are license based per client.

    After two year, there is an audit and management needs a complete overview of the managed clients that have this particular font on their machine within the week.

    With the Inventory Solution of Symantec you are capable of:

    • Create a new inventory resource type, aka custom dataclass (eg. Font_X)

    • Populate this data class thanks to a custom inventory script you can quickly create thanks to a prebuild examples

    • Provide a complete overview of the computers that have the font installed in wathever layout needed (pie chart, detailed overview,…)

      Image preview

    This is of course only one example of the custom inventory capabilities of the Symantec Inventory Solution to give you a quick idea.

    When combining the Inventory Solution with the Asset Management Suite, you are capable of a transparent and complete IT as well as non-IT management if needed from a single product. How cool is that?

    Conclusion: the inventory capabilities are endless, going from the basic needs to the most complex needs of every customer in every company.

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    Software Management what? Ooh, you mean delivering software packages to computers?

    Image preview

    Not exactly no, the Symantec Software Management Solution product ends with the possible delivery of software packages, it does not start with the deployment.

    Try to see the Software Management Solution as the center circle with all the components needed for a complete software management surrounding it.

    Let’s start with the beginning:

    Once upon a Symantec time, there was a Software Catalog. This software catalog was populated with the different software products found through the inventory solution.

    Besides the software found on the endpoints, you can add your own software packages (Software programs wrapped in a nice jacket so you can distribute to multiple users/computers) to the Software Catalog, making it the company’s software library.

    Image preview

    The Software Catalog now has two types of software:

    • Found software that needs to be configured

    • Imported software that’s already configured (we’ll talk more about this a little later on)

    These two types of software can be “filed” in two different ways:

    • Managed Software Product (this product is actively used and has to be included in the managed software product reports, actively metered for software usage and more)

    • Unmanaged Software Product (this product is in my environment but I couldn’t care less for now)

    Because unmanaged is a little straight forward (don’t do anything with it), I’ll ellaborate a bit on the Managed Software Product part.

    If you choose to manage software through the Software Catalogue, the complete set of configurable features can be set now, from software product name to matching an existing software package and defining the correct program executables for application metering.

    If you have the Asset Management Suite in place, you can immediately match this software product with new/existing contracts/acquired licenses.

    Through this way you can completely and really quickly prepare your business for a software product lifecycle.

    How cool is that?

    Image preview

    Needless to say creating a software product from the Software pane – not from the Software Catalog – is performed in the same manner and speed, but hey, it’s said J

    So, we created a software product and let’s assume a package is attached so Software Delivery can be set to a number of clients.

    This part is the magic stuff of software management instead of delivering/sending a software

    During the creation of a deliverable piece of software (Software Release) in Altiris, you have the possibility to set 3 major checks:

    • Detection check

      • Is this piece of software already installed in this machine?

    • Applicability check

      • Is this machine capable of getting this piece of software installed?

    • Dependency check

      • Is there other software that needs to be installed before this piece of software (and more)?

        Image preview

    Let’s now state you want to be sure that the computer groups 1,2 and 8 in your organization need to have software X on their machines exactly on day Y + 6, hour Z.

    If the software would be installed prior to day Y + 6, all hell would break loose and management would come down to the basement to literally kick your ass

    In the “early days” you had to create a policy/task that ran day Y + 6, hour Z, so no issues could pop-up and the helpdesk was not flooded with angry people.

    The issue with this “way of work”, was that there were a lot computers that didn’t get the software exactly at that time (because of a slow download, holiday,…) and people would still get angry, calls to the helpdesk and management coming down to ask why it was taking so long to deliver a piece of software.

    Everyone that once had the responsibility of this kind of work is now positively nodding his/her head and then blocking the bad memories back again.

    Now then, let’s take this business challenge (yes, you read it right, delivering software is not only an IT thing, your business relies on successfull software management!) and use the latest Symantec Software Management Solution:

    Day Y (6 days before the software has to be present on the computers), you create and immediately enable a Managed Software Delivery Policy to computer groups 1, 2 and 8 with the option to Remediate day Y + 6.

    This freshly baked policy will start off to all the designated and active computers immediately with:

    1. Checking if the software is already present

    2. Checking if the computer is capable of getting this software (OS version, hardware,…)

    3. Checking if there are other software packages that need to be present

    When everything checks out, the computer will start downloading everything he needs and then wait until the moment he can install the package.

    Through this manner, a very large percentage – if not all - of the designated computers will install software X on the time needed.

    This means, no helpdesk calls, no angry people and no management that will come down to hurt you

    Image preview

    Conclusion: The Symantec Software Management Solution is a very comprehensive product ready for every challenge in every environment

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